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Fetish priest inflicts machete wounds on ex-girlfriend


At Asamankese in the Eastern area, a disgruntled fetish priest named Togbe Gadefia stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a machete.

Rakia Huseini, the victim, was taken urgently to the government hospital in Asamankese but was later transferred to the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua.


According to information acquired, Togbe Gadefia and Rakia Huseini, 25, were in a committed relationship before she left him to wed a Muslim.

Togbe Gadefia, who resides in the Asamankese neighborhood of Krofoforomu, was very hurt and tried all she could to win her sweetheart back, but it was virtually impossible.

On Monday, September 11, 2023, at about 9:00 p.m., he approached her and attacked her with a machete after learning that the ex-lover was getting married this weekend to another guy.

Rakia allegedly resisted the suspect’s attempt to slice off her head with her hand, amputating the forearm in the process.

Additionally, he used the machete to remove the ex-girlfriend’s patella (kneecap).

The woman was discovered by onlookers in a pool of blood, and they transported her to the Asamankese government hospital.

She was sent to the Eastern Regional hospital in Koforidua for surgery once her condition had stabilized.

The suspect came forward to the police and was later taken into custody to help with the investigation.







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