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FDA and police detain six drug dealers in market sting


Six people were detained in Kumasi for selling illegal pharmaceuticals by a team from the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and the police department.

After post-market monitoring at Racetrack and Bantama, the Public Health Act of 2012 resulted in the seizure of numerous unregistered pharmaceuticals.


The FDA’s Ashanti Regional Head, John Laryea Odai-Tettey, confirmed that the suspects had been turned over to the police for more inquiries.

He issued a warning that the FDA would soon take legal action against any advertiser who used their platform to promote unregistered products, including radio stations and information centres.

He declared that “both the product’s owner and the advertising medium are equally responsible.”

He continued, “We want to deliver this message to them [drug dealers] that they are admonished to cease from this unlawful act wherever they are because we will come after them.

When purchasing medications, Mr. Odai-Tettey asked retailers to confirm the registration paperwork.

He further stated that if people felt anything out of the ordinary after taking a medication, they should report it right away to any FDA office for prompt action.

Also, he exhorted retailers and wholesalers to confirm that products are registered before purchasing them from distributors.

Odai-Tettey emphasised the significance of abiding by the law and vowed to keep up the fight against the marketing and sale of illegal goods.

“We want to promote the general population purchasing their medications from the authorised retailers. Always check to see if the product is registered. They should immediately report to any FDA office for quick action to be taken if they take any medication that causes them to have unexpected feelings or experiences, he advised.


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