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Farmers charges on COCOBOD CEO for calling them ungrateful


The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), Joseph Boahen Aidoo, has angered the Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association (GNACOFA) with his actions.

He allegedly called them ungrateful for failing to recognize the government’s assistance for the industry at a meeting to determine the new pricing.


On Monday’s Burning Issues on Adom FM, Stephenson Anane Boateng, the president of GNACOFA, disclosed this.

He said that despite having feedback to provide during a meeting, the CEO of COCOBOD did not allow them the chance to do so and was instead boasting about his accomplishments in the industry.

“I was on my way back from somewhere when I had a call from COCOBOD over their intended meeting with me which I went. Boahen Aidoo at the meeting used over 1 hour introducing himself and after that, spoke about how ungrateful we are he claimed.

Mr. Boateng said they were not contacted prior to the announcement and that they sought more money per bag than the GH 1,308 the government promised.

Additionally, the government was accused of “cheating the farmers” by Eric Opoku, the ranking member of the Parliament’s Food, Agriculture, and Cocoa Affairs Committee.

According to him, the price of cocoa beans at the farm gate might have been raised to GHC 2000.

According to COCOBOD’s public relations officer, Fiifi Boafo, the new price was discussed with the cocoa producers.

“Before we took a step, there was a consultation between the farmers and management. We don’t just decide on anything so I know there was an engagement” he added.







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