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Fans praise Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew for honest parenting update ‘Thank you for keeping it oh so real!’


Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew shares a candid selfie on Instagram, showcasing her outfit of the day while emphasizing the reality of post-pregnancy body changes. In the photo, she exudes confidence in a tailored pale blue shirt and pinstriped pants, smiling inside an elevator.

“Anyone battling with the impossible standard of bouncing back after having a baby … I bought these pants in LA before I was pregnant with Molly,” she wrote.


“Today — they fit again.


“It takes time.

“Go easy on yourself.”

Edwina, a mother of two young children, Tom and Molly, with husband Neil Varcoe, received appreciation from followers for her honesty in a world that often pressures women to rapidly “drop the baby weight” after childbirth.

“Eddy, I NEEDED to hear this!!! Thank you, thank you for keeping it oh so real!” one fan said.

“Yep, it takes time putting it on, so of course it takes time taking it off,” another wrote.

“Good on you for being patient and doing it healthily.”

Edwina’s husband and followers showered her with compliments, with her husband using three “fire” emojis. The presenter, who welcomed her youngest child, Tom, in March 2022, and Molly in December 2019, expressed her excitement about being a mother of two in an interview before Tom’s birth. Additionally, Edwina and her husband are immersed in the restoration of a historic hotel in Carcoar, rural NSW, a project they announced last year, earning support and delight from their fans and followers.




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