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Examiners in Bono Region demand payment for 2023 WASSCE


Examiners in the Bono Region are irritated by frequent delays in obtaining payment for grading the 2023 West African Examinations Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

Despite having completed their duty and the following announcement of findings, they stay in limbo, awaiting their just compensation.


The examiners claim that this payment delay has become an annual issue, forcing them to demand for a reform in the present system.

Despite the fact that WAEC released the findings in 2023, the examiners state that they are still waiting for their reimbursement.

“I started marking in 2010, and everything was okay, until recent times, the payments are not forthcoming. We have to wait for so many weeks or even months before we are paid. That is my concern, that is what we going through now as examiners.

“When you contact WAEC too, they will tell you the government has not given them the money. We don’t even have anybody to fight for us. They do everything against us. Look at the stress we went through during the marking, up till now we have not been paid.”

Another also said, “In fact, I’m even fed up to tell you the truth, I’m getting fed up because this is not the first time they are doing this. They have been delaying our payments for about two years now.”

“WAEC pressure examiners in which we have to work overnight. The employer-employee relationship is not going well. They should have even alerted us if there are any distortions, but they don’t do that and this has become a problem now,” one of the examiners also complained.

Though officials at the WAEC headquarters in Sunyani declined to speak to the media, they recognized the pending payments owed to examiners and told them that they would be paid once the money were provided by the government.

On December 18, the West African Examinations Council released the provisional results of candidates who took the 2023 West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE), blocking the results of 4,878 candidates for failing to return learning support materials provided by their schools.

WAEC also delayed some topic results from 235 schools in order to give artificial intelligence-generated answers at the 2023 WASSCE.




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