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Every examination is different every year – NAGRAT reacts Free SHS-WASSCE brouhaha


Former President John Mahama’s recent charges of rampant cheating among senior high school graduates have been denied by Angel Carbonu, President of the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT).

Mr Carbonu underlined the individuality of each exam, adding that “no two examinations can be the same.”


Former President Mahama voiced doubts about the recent West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results, citing high success rates.

He claimed examples of invigilators and professors assisting pupils in cheating and warned of the potential ramifications for the country’s educational system.

Carbonu responded by challenging Mahama to offer statistical data to back up his assertions, implying that there may be information not available to the public.

“The information the former President has will help all of us to resolve the matter,” he added.

Angel Carbonu explained that making broad comments about teachers’ performance is inaccurate, adding that not every instructor cheats.

While conceding that a few instructors have been caught in cheating, he highlighted that this does not represent the whole teaching community.

The NAGRAT President advised politicians to stay out of the country’s education system and instead focus on tackling the issues that teachers face.

“We beg you politicians, stop playing political football with our exams. Let us maintain our standards. Every examination is different every year” he stated.




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