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Equipment worth US$1.5 million is given to the DVLA to enhance service


Under the Public Sector Reform for Results Initiative, the Drivers Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) has received information technology (IT) equipment worth at USD 1.5 million (PSRRP).

The equipment, which is the third such intervention since 2020, is in keeping with the project’s goal of enhancing accountability and efficiency in the provision of certain services by particular institutions.


The commodities comprised 4 Cannon Multifunction Printers, 215 Desktop Computers, 60 Laptop Computers, 106 Color Printers, 60 Cisco Network Switches, 54 Card Readers, and 315 Smart UPS.

75 digital cameras, 75 tripods, 66 signature pads, 83 dermalog fingerprint readers, 16 desktop card printers, 135 Clear Full patches, and 5 of each USB hubs, power banks, and Peli cases were also included in the shipment.

Mr. Thomas Kusi Boafo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PSRS, stated during a presentation ceremony that the project had taken on a capacity-building programme for personnel and taken possession of six minivans, machinery for printing licence plates, and consumables, among other things.

According to him, the secretariat was attempting to get an automatic sorting device for printed licences while waiting for the DVLA to formally submit its request.

To strengthen the delivery of public services and foster a favourable public perception of the government, Mr. Boafo said it was crucial to improve the functioning of public sector organisations.

“Your government will collapse and you will never succeed if you live in a nation with weaker public sector institutions. The populace won’t be content and will frequently criticise your administration, he said.

The DVLA’s CEO, Mr. Kwasi Agyeman Busia, expressed gratitude for the assistance and said that the agency was through a change and was concentrating on acquiring the best possible personnel, operational procedures, and technological resources to raise the calibre of its services.

“Digitalization is costly. We indicated when we started this agenda that we weren’t just digitising our technology, people, and processes because it would be incredibly expensive. Therefore we are grateful for the gesture,” he added.

Under a loan facility obtained from the World Bank in the amount of US$35 million, the government is sponsoring the PSRRP.
The initiative falls within the five-year National Public Sector Reform Strategy’s digitalization pillar, which was introduced on August 8, 2018.

DVLA was one of 13 public sector organisations that were chosen to receive project benefits.

The Passport Office, the Births and Deaths Registry, the Ministries of Transport, Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation, as well as Local Government and Rural Development, were among the others.

The Public Services Commission, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, the Monitoring and Evaluation Secretariat, the National Information Technology Agency, and the PSRS made up the remaining organisations.


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