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Election 2024: EC, Political Parties must work towards peace – Presbyterian Moderator


The Moderator of the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church, The Right Reverend Dr Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, has requested the Electoral Commission, Political Parties, and Civil Society Organizations to work towards peace in the approaching General Election.

He stated that citizens had an important responsibility to play in maintaining the nation’s peace, since this was the only way to reflect God’s peace and love.


In his Christmas and New Year speech, Rev. Kwakye stated that Christians were enjoying the Yuletide at a time when many people were distressed and without peace.

He said that the people of Jesus’ nation were at war, with many children and vulnerable adults dying in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Russia-Ukraine war has likewise lasted over two years, with hundreds of thousands of people killed.

The Right Reverend Dr. Abraham Nana Opare Kwakye, Moderator of The Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly

“In our own country, there are pockets of war in some communities and economic hardship threatens the livelihood of many. There is no peace.

“As we consider the ‘dog eat dog’ world in which we now live, one cannot help but wonder when Isaiah’s prophecy will come to pass. Christmas is a reminder of the song of the angelic multitude – Peace on earth, goodwill towards men,” he said.

According to Rev. Kwakye, the love that motivated God to send His Son to die for humanity must also lead everyone’s thoughts, words, and deeds.

“That incredible love is the true essence of Christmas. It is a time to demonstrate love towards all people, including those who have offended us as we enter into a new year,” he said.

The Moderator called on all in true “Jesus fashion”, to concentrate on rebuilding and repairing relationships with God, and between themselves and their fellow human beings; which he said were central to the celebration of Christmas.

“On behalf of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, I wish the entire world a peaceful, meaningful, joyful and Merry Christmas. May the year 2024 bring us peace, prosperity, and fruitfulness through hard work. I pray that the Lord will guide all of us to be sons and daughters of the Prince of Peace,” he added.




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