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EC directs officers to register voters offline when need arises


In the current Limited Voter Registration campaign, the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) has instructed its employees to register new voters offline if they have trouble using the online registration system.

In several centers on Tuesday morning, the registration process was delayed due to complaints of network connectivity issues with the online registration system.


The EC had previously said that the online registration process would enable prompt detection of double registration at the time of registration.

There were “initial hitches” with the system on election day, according to Dr. Serebour Quaicoe, Director of Electoral Services at the EC, who spoke to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday.

As the experiment continued, he predicted that everything would return to normal.

“We have asked them (officers) to switch offline if they encounter challenges.

“All those registered offline, the system will review their identities and if their names appear on the multiple list they will not vote,” Dr Quaicoe said.

The registration process, according to Dr. Quaicoe, went mostly without a hitch, with the exception of minor delays brought on by the rain throughout much of the nation.

All 268 District Offices of the Commission are now accepting registrations in line with Article 45 of the 1992 Constitution.

The exercise was supposed to start at 8 a.m., but because certain centers being watched by the Ghana News Agency had trouble connecting to the EC’s online registration system, the exercise started as late as 10 a.m. in some of the centers.

The training session ended at 05:00 and will go on till October 2, 2023.




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