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During a morning fight over food, a cocoa farmer in the Western region murders his wife


The police have detained a cocoa farmer in Wiredukrom, a rural village in the Mpohor District of the Western Region, who is accused of killing his wife last Tuesday after an early-morning altercation.

Egya Ata, 38, is being held by police at this time. Three of their kids, ages one to five, were there when the event, which is said to have occurred about six in the morning, occurred.


After carrying out the deed, Egya Atta hurried to his brother’s home with blood on his shirt and said that Ama Gifty, the husband, had actually assaulted him.

When the brother arrived on the scene, he saw the wife’s dead body lying on the ground.

The Nkosuohene of Wiredukron, Nana Promise Essilfie, revealed to Graphic Online’s Dotsey Koblah Aklorbortu that despite having three children, the deceased’s husband and she had been living together but had not yet been legally wed.

Ama, a food seller, informed the family on Tuesday morning that she would be unable to make them breakfast since she had already been running late to the adjacent Kojokrom Market to acquire food items for her business.

At around 6:30 am, she walked outside to buy the kids’ porridge (Koko).

She apparently got into a fight in their room when she returned to the home carrying the porridge, and Ata reportedly wouldn’t let her go.

According to Nana Essilfie, who spoke to Graphic Online, after reportedly killing the wife, Ata hurried to his brother’s home in a neighbouring neighbourhood wearing a blood-stained shirt and said that the wife had assaulted him.

When the brother arrived at Ata’s house, he saw Ama’s dead corpse and her children wailing and shouting out her name next to her.

When the brother went back to face Ata, he found that he had changed into one of the brother’s shirts, burned his blood-stained shirt, and fled the home.

After some time, in the evening, he went back to the brother’s house and offered him management of his cocoa estate in exchange for helping him escape.

The brother pretended to be interested, according to Nana Essilfie, and then snuck off to call the police.


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