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Duffuor’s Security Detail Issues Warning Against NDC FEC


Dr. Kwabena Duffuor’s head of security detail, James Agbey, has issued a warning against the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), alleging that they are conniving with former President John Mahama to disenfranchise delegates and rig the upcoming primaries.

This warning comes in response to an interlocutory injunction filed by Dr. Duffuor to postpone the primaries scheduled for May 13, 2023. The lawsuit includes respondents such as the General Secretary of the NDC, the Director of the Elections Directorate, and fellow flagbearer hopefuls John Dramani Mahama and Kojo Bonsu.


In the statement signed by James Agbey, he alleges that the FEC is working with Mahama to disenfranchise delegates in the primaries. He takes issue with the FEC’s stance on the photo album, which is part of the concerns raised by Dr. Duffuor. Agbey notes that this position is against the party’s constitution and is illegal.

For the most part, Agbey describes the FEC’s actions as criminal and illegal, noting that they are in cahoots with Mahama to hijack the entire election process. He further states that the party is swimming in the gutters to please Mahama at the expense of the party’s collective good.

Agbey warns that they are prepared to combat any illegalities used to disenfranchise delegates and rig the election. This statement reflects the growing tension and division within the NDC as the primaries draw near.

In a nutshell, the upcoming NDC primaries have become highly contentious with allegations of rigging and disenfranchisement being thrown around. As the tension mounts, the party is facing a crisis of confidence with members questioning the legitimacy of the process. It remains to be seen how the party will resolve these issues and whether they will be able to unite behind a single candidate for the presidential elections.

Below is the full content of the statement:

I, James Agbey, head of Security Detail of Duffuor 2024 campaign wishes to state unequivocally that the NDC belongs to all of us, and we won’t sit down for Mahama to take us on a jolly ride.

In fact, I do take issue with the manner the Mahama camp is conniving with the Functional Executive Committee (FEC) of the NDC to disenfranchise a good number of delegates, and to rig the processes leading up to the forthcoming 13th May presidential primaries for Mahama.

The whole charade regarding the non-availability of complete photo album for the elections is completely against the party’s rules of engagement.

Indeed, it is extremely dubious, criminal and illegal for the processes leading to the entire election to be hijacked by Mahama.

This display of utter greed by Mahama to win at all costs reeked of poor judgement and a complete lack of respect for the responsibility he holds as a leader.

In my eyes this is just the first shot in a series of campaign to destabilize the NDC by the Mahama faction for their selfish and parochial agenda.

As one of those who served the party in the Greater Accra Region as Director of Security operations in 2020, and currently in charge of Dr Duffuor’s Security detail, this development made me very upset. It is upsetting to see the NDC swimming in the gutters to please one man at the expense of our collective good.

As a matter of fact, Mahama’s resolute insistence to not follow the rules of engagement regarding these elections shows a fundamental disdain for the concept of accountability. If the NDC as a political organization can do this to ourselves in our intra-party elections, what do we expect from the Electoral Commission (EC) in the run up to 2024 elections?

Can the NDC accuse the EC of electoral malfeasance and corruptible conduct when the party is trapped in the same scheme in its own backyard all in an attempt to give Mahama an undue advantage over other candidates?

What is the point of intra-party politics and leadership if they can’t even publicly correct the record when they are wrong?

This obviously is more likely strong evidence that Mahama and his supporters continue to muddy the waters or to put it more plainly deflect attention from their failures and misdemeanors.

Allowing them to continue with this charade and the choreographed shenanigan is utterly abhorrent.

At this juncture, let me sound a note of caution to all concerned, and warn that we’re ready to use legitimate force and every means under the sun to get Mahama out of the way and restore dignity and respect to the NDC.

This election is totally different from the 2018 one, where Prof Joshua Alabi and Goosie Tanoh allowed Mahama to have his way.

We are on a rescue mission to rescue the party from the claws of Mahama.

Those of us on the Duffuor team are ready for Mahama and his diabolics. We are ready to bring an end to this opportunistic appropriation.

I just wish the people who know better would sit up. But perhaps that cannot happen until we send out a strong signal to them that we are ever ready to beat them to their own game.

We can’t continue to suffer characters like the former President who’s hoping to stay relevant by being a perpetual flagbearer.

James Agbey –
NDC Operative and Head of Dr Duffuor’s Security detail.


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