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Drink enough water to prevent you from sickness in this Harmattan season – Ghana Meteorological Agency


The Ghana Meteorological Agency’s top forecaster has advised Ghanaians to remain hydrated during the harmattan season to avoid illness, particularly respiratory ailments.

According to Raphael Osei Boakye, we will be experiencing a severe Harmattan season in December and January 2023.


He attributed it to the onset of a dry continental breeze.

He stated on Nyankonton Mu Nsem on Rainbow Radio 87.5 FM that the season will dry us and that we must drink enough of water.

“We should drink a lot of water and stay hydrated throughout the period. Without drinking water, you could get sick. The weather is dry, and the possibility of people getting dehydrated is high. So drink enough water to prevent you from getting sick.”

He also advised Ghanaians to use nasal masks at this time to avoid inhaling a lot of particles into our respiratory systems, since the dry continental wind is approaching our country.

According to him, the dust conditions are accompanied by winds blowing in from the northern region of the continent.

As a result, he has advised food sellers, particularly those selling meals on the street, to take the required precautions to avoid dust from infiltrating the food they sell to the public.

“For those who sell food on the streets, they should cover their meals to prevent dust from entering them.

The dust conditions are severe, so we encourage them to take note of this. They should not only think of themselves and the profits they intend to make.”




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