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Delay attacks troll: “I’d rather stay single than settle for a pig like you”


A social media user earned Delay’s fury after the latter’s marital status was brought up by the former.

Delay posted a picture on social media while she was in Kwahu for the Easter celebrations, and as usual, comments poured in.


Supporters praised her for having a beautiful appearance, and others praised her for being a hard worker.

But, one internet user changed the course of his remarks by proposing marriage to the well-known media figure.

“Y3 na ware, just about 60 years. He made fun of them, “Who are you waiting for?

I’d rather stay single than settle for a swine like you, Delay snapped back in a hysterical manner.

After that, the person ceased speaking.

It is unknown whether the 40-year-old TV host is married or even has children because she has kept her private life private.

She has drawn a lot of jeers, criticism, and worries from online users over the years because she jokes about being single on social media.

For instance, her rival Afia Schwarzenegger utilises the fact that she (Delay) is childless as a means of defaming her every time they engage in online conversation.


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