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Data Protection Commission to clamp down on unregistered data controllers


Today, September 28, 2023, the Data Protection Commission will launch yet another enforcement operation to crack down on unregistered data controllers.

Last month, the Commission started engaging in active enforcement, performing spot inspections, data protection audits, and detaining businesses deemed responsible for data breaches.


According to the Executive Director, Patricia Adusei-Poku, this action is here to stay in order to hold data controllers accountable and guarantee complete legal compliance.

“We the Data Protection Commission still consider that the percentage of public who are responsible for data controllers compared to what is in our database is still very low. We have over 800,000 records of active taxpayers that have failed to register with the commission.”

“This is why we have scaled up the law by doing these spot checks and visiting institutions that are falling foul of the requirement of this legal obligation”, she told an Accra-based television station.

She added that her outfit is undertaking this action in two ways, adding, “Many of these spot checks visits are to for the private sector to comply.

“We are not doing this to protect the public sector not taking action. We have also worked with the Select Committee of Communications in Parliament to ensure that institutions comply”.

On August 14, 2023, the Data Protection Commission started actively enforcing the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843).

This meant that companies processing personal data but failing to register with the Commission as data controllers were subject to summary conviction and a fine or jail sentence.

Out of the many other companies on the created list for prosecution, Hisense Group and Mawarko Fast Food slipped beneath the radar for non-compliance.




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