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Cyber Security Authority warns public of uptick in job scams


The Cyber Security Authority (CSA) has cautioned the public to be wary of new strategies used in job frauds.

The authorities reported 15 occurrences this month alone, resulting in victims losing more than GH¢124,000.


According to a statement made by the government, the fraudsters’ method of operation included sending unwanted communications via multiple platforms such as SMS, emails, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

The communications appear to be from job recruiters offering remote or part-time high-paying jobs that require digital duties such as like social media postings and referring friends.

Interested individuals are then prompted to contact the recruiters via a link included in the unwanted mail.

After speaking with the recruiters, victims are urged to join up on a portal for potential employment and manage given chores and earnings.

Victims are first given small sums for performing jobs, but they are eventually asked to make monetary deposits in order to be allocated more profitable duties.

However, if considerable payments are made, victims are locked out of their accounts and are unable to contact the scammers, despite the promise of large rewards.

In light of these instances, the CSA has made many recommendations to the public.

They have warned people to be wary of unsolicited letters offering employment opportunities and to be skeptical of high-paying occupations that demand little effort.

Furthermore, the CSA statement recommended individuals to verify employment postings directly with the company’s official website or contact information, and to avoid submitting personal or financial information unless they were confident in the employer’s validity.

The CSA emphasized the need of being careful of bad language, spelling errors, or unprofessional communication in employment adverts, and it encouraged people to exercise caution when seeing such offers.



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