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Court sentences thieves who stole Vodafone Ghana cable 7 years each


The Odumase Krobo Circuit Court has convicted Mathias Duayin and Albert Edor, two people who were detained on suspicion of cable theft in Akosombo, guilty and sentenced each of them to seven years in jail.

2,600 meters’ worth of wires were taken in the heist.


The theft is expected to have cost the region’s thousands of clients a whopping GHC798,000 in damages.

In order to solve the crime, Vodafone Ghana has been actively working with law enforcement. According to Vodafone Ghana’s Director of Legal and External Affairs, Preba Greenstreet, “The arrest and subsequent conviction of the suspects underscore our commitment to ensuring the security of our infrastructure.”

She expressed her gratitude for the swift resolution of the matter, stating, “We are grateful for the swift action of the Akosombo police and the Odumase Krobo Circuit Court.

“Cable theft is a pressing concern, and our collaboration with law enforcement agencies will continue to address and mitigate its repercussions.”

Telecommunication services are disrupted when such cables are stolen, creating problems for locals and companies who depend on reliable access.

Asset protection continues to be a primary focus for Vodafone Ghana as it expands operations with the recent launch of 4G+.

Vodafone Ghana’s current 4G technology has undergone a significant update called 4G+, which will allow users to experience faster network speeds and enable better services.

Vodafone is also launching a device financing program, allowing users to buy 4G+ compatible phones from Vodafone’s retail locations and pay for them in manageable instalments, demonstrating its dedication to ensuring that as many Ghanaians as possible can access this higher speed. These phones have 2.5GB of monthly free data for a whole year.

The quick punishment of the cable thieves not only emphasizes the value of protecting crucial infrastructure but also illustrates the dedication of law enforcement and corporate bodies like Vodafone Ghana to provide all Ghanaians with a secure and forward-thinking digital future.








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