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Chef Faila’s meals give me a heavenly feeling – Well-wisher


The Modern City Hotel in Tamale may be the happiest spot in Ghana, as Chef Faila Abdul Razak is not only striving to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, but also feeding thousands.

Her cooking abilities have motivated many people to leave their homes and set up camp at the hotel in order to partake in the delectably cooked meals.


These fans couldn’t help but express their joy with JoyNews and praise the chef for her excellent cooking skills.

A man staying at the hotel compared Chef Faila’s dishes to those cooked in heaven.

“What she is preparing, the food is very delicious. When I wake up and I taste the tea, ebi[sic] like I dey heaven inside. Only the tea. Heavens tea is very sweet,” he said.

A fan who has been there from the start of the cook-a-thon on January 1 stated that he tries six different dishes in a day.

“In the morning, I take tea and meat pie and porridge with jollof rice, in the afternoon I take jollof rice, waakye, and cowpea and in the evening I take TZ, waakye and jollof again.

“Here is for free food and we are here to show her love. I have even brought my bowl because I don’t want to use her bowl and she is going to wash it again. It will waste her time, so I just brought my bowl so she put it inside, I will eat and wash my things,” he said

Chef Failatu Abdul Razak began an effort to beat the existing Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon on January 1, 2024.

She plans to cook for almost 240 hours from the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, breaking Alan Fisher’s 119-hour record.

Meanwhile, Ugandan chef Dorcus Mirembe, often known as Mama D, who cooked for 144 hours, is awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records.






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