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‘Chaotic, reckless and brigandry’ – Franklin Cudjoe on reason for ordering cancellation of The Convention event


Franklin Cudjoe, the founding president of IMANI Africa, stated in response to the order to cancel the Convention Event that the Office of the President inexplicably sabotaged a permitted public event organized by a group of law-abiding individuals.

He noted that the event’s last-minute cancelation left hundreds stranded on Sunday, January 7, when highly armed security personnel prevented admission to the location, Ind0enemsce Square.


“The President in his Constitution Day speech promised to uphold individual liberties and guarantee freedom of assembly and association. Less than five hours after his speech, his office strangely torpedoed a licensed public event a group of law-abiding citizens had put together, leaving thousands stranded as heavily armed security forces barred entry to the venue. The reason? The President’s office had booked the same venue for an unspecified event. Chaotic, reckless and brigandry!” He wrote on Facebook.

The Presidency explained why it ordered organizers to cancel the event a few hours before it was scheduled to begin on Sunday, January 7.

The Diaspora Affairs Directorate at the President’s Office stated that it was necessary due to a “unforeseen” state event set to take place at the same location.

In a press release, Dr Fynn stated, “We write to revoke immediately the permission granted per our letter No.OP/PH/02 dated November 11, 2024, which approved your request to use the Black Star Square for the above event.

“This decision has been necessitated by an unforeseen State Event scheduled to take place at the venue.”

Following the cancelation, the organizers stated that the government instructed them to do so. They went on to describe the cancellation decision as startling, alleging that the government had granted them authorization in November 2023.

“We regret to inform you that the Government has cancelled the above Pan African Event which was to take place today at the Independence Square in Accra, Ghana. All the special guests have arrived and thousands of people have come from all over Ghana as well as around the globe for this historic event. We have just been informed of the cancellation of this event a couple of hours before its commencement. This event was approved by the government in November 2023. This came as a shock to us and devastation to our dignitaries and special guests who flew in from around the world

“We at the New Africa Foundation apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused to our audience and the public alike. Please be aware that this situation is and was beyond our control.”

Professor P. L. O. Lumumba, Julius Malema, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, and Peter Obi were among the speakers scheduled to speak.





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