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Change condoms after every round of sex – Doctor advises


Abena Yeboah, the Ayawaso West Municipality’s health director, has recommended the young to switch condoms after each round of sex.

Condoms are a kind of birth control that guard against and stop the spread of STDs. She said that some young people’s unhygienic usage of it had altered its course.


The senior physician said during an interview with Asieduwaa Akumia on Prime Morning on Tuesday that using the same condom repeatedly exposes individuals to STIs, which may be harmful to one’s health. As a result, it is important to switch condoms in order to protect oneself from infections.

“Every condom has a probability of getting torn. This is because you are not supposed to use condoms for too long. Once you are done using it and you ejaculate, you take it off and throw it away. There is no time limit for wearing a condom, but after you climax, just take it off. After one round, use another condom for the next,” Dr. Abena urged.

She claims that the nation’s STI infections are fast increasing as a result of the harmful sexual behaviors individuals engage in.

She continued by saying it’s crucial for individuals to pay particular attention to the fact that all condoms have a chance of ripping during or after sexual contact. Although there are several causes for condom tearing, using one condom for several ejaculations is a common one.

Dr. Abena Yeboah also made reference to the fact that pupils lack comprehensive instruction on sex and effective self-defense techniques.

She emphasized that today’s youth learn about sex via peers and social media. She claims that one of the reasons why so many young people get STDs is because of this.

She believed that in order to provide students a better understanding of sex and how to use contraceptives to prevent STIs, the government should include more reproductive health classes to the curriculum.

“Now that people see a lot of things on social media and they want to practice things like oral sex and a number of unsafe practices, we need to go out there and incorporate reproductive health education into our teachings,” she mentioned.

The medical expert urged religious leaders to inform their followers about sex and promote the use of contraception in the area of religion. This, she claimed, will greatly benefit in educating young people and saving lives.





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