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Challenges with liquidity for Surfline “Shuts down radio access network and data centre”


A significant financial crisis has left clients in limbo for Surfline, which prides itself on being Ghana’s first 4G LTE provider of quick and dependable internet services.

The company has consequently closed its data centre.


Prior to that, the business, which pounded the market hard with exclusive services and product offerings, had abruptly shut down its radio access network, leaving its subscribers perplexed.

The company’s conduct is allegedly the result of major financial difficulties.

The Daily Graphic received confirmation from the industry watchdog, National Communications Authority (NCA), regarding the company’s grave situation and the reasons it is unable to continue providing its services.

According to Joe Anokye, director-general of the NCA, Surfline informed us in writing that their data centre had been shut down.

Before that, they told us they were terminating their radio access network due to financial reasons.

He stated that the NCA was preparing to publish a press release to address concerns over Surfline, “but I think it’s a major liquidity issue.”

Mr. Anokye claimed that the business was having substantial problems with several of its key vendors, “and I think it’s been very challenging for them.”


A notification stating that “Surfline has, in the past few days, experienced a total network downtime, resulting in a service interruption for some of you” has been posted on the company’s home page of its website.

“Please rest assured that Surfline management is diligently pursuing a solution with all parties involved.

Naturally, once the network is back up, the remaining time on your data plan will be increased correspondingly.

Additionally, Surfline will see to it that you, as one of our valued clients, are made whole for all the inconvenience.

You have our sincere gratitude and great appreciation for your patience.

Another time, the business sent consumers an SMS message with the following message: “Dear Customer, We Recognise the Impact of the Service Interruption and All the Inconveniences.

Please rest assured that the duration of your bundle will be extended as we work to restore services.

Customers furious
Customers of the business are dissatisfied with the turn of events, and some have threatened legal action against the failing and cash-strapped business.

They claim that they paid a hefty sum for data that they have been unable to access for some time.

Customer Safety
They attributed the present turn of events to the industry regulator.

One person stated that the NCA ought to be able to step up its game to defend clients from such incidents.

“At least some other regulators are able to do this, but it is sad that the NCA has never done so.

He said, “Can you imagine the telcos folding up shop after collecting money from customers?” and said that the sooner such a safety net was put in place, the better for telecom industry customers.


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