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Cancellation of ‘The Convention’ was shameful and part of grand schemes to destroy Cheddar – Jacob Osei Yeboah


Ghanaian politician Jacob Osei Yeboah, who campaigned as an independent candidate in Ghana’s presidential elections in 2012 and 2016, has lambasted the Nana Addo-led administration for canceling “The Convention.”

The lawmaker, who had been invited to the event, described the incident as a stain on the state.


The Diaspora Affairs Directorate at the Office of the President has disclosed that a state event at the same place prohibited organizers of the pan-African event, ‘The Convention,’ from holding the ceremony on Sunday, January 7, 2024, at the Black Star Square.

Despite getting clearance in November 2023, the event’s organizers, the New Africa Foundation, were told to cancel the event at the last minute.

Professor P. L. O. Lumumba, Julius Malema, Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, and Peter Obi were among the speakers at the occasion.

Dr. Nadia Adongo Fynn, Deputy Director of the Diaspora Affairs Directorate at the President’s Office, stated in a statement that the decision was made due to a “unforeseen” state event set to take place at the location.

“We write to revoke immediately the permission granted per our letter No.OP/PH/02 dated November 11, 2023, which approved your request to use the Black Star Square for the above event.”

“This decision has been necessitated by an unforeseen state event scheduled to take place at the venue. Under the circumstances, the amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (GHc10,000.00) paid by your office for the use of the venue will be refunded. We regret any inconvenience this may cause,” Dr. Nadia Fynn added in the statement.

In response, Jacob Osei Yeboah stated that the government wants Nana Asante Bediako, alias Cheddar, to lose money in order to launch a conspiracy to ruin him.

He declared, “It’s very shameful for Ghana. What happened was shameful and a blemish on us as a people.”.

He asserted, If we know the man behind the mask, do you think National Security or the presidency is not aware?

The government just wanted to waste his money, frustrate Cheddar, and demonstrate weird power with brute force.

He added that he has previously encountered the same political maneuvers and plans designed to undermine and damage his name.”

“I have experienced the same destructive mechanism of the duopoly for the past 14 years, since 2010. The sad thing is that Ghanaians will look on because partisanship patronage and such a selfless sacrifice to help better the lives of citizens will be stopped by the duopoly.”

He went on to remark that in his Constitution Day speech, President Obama vowed to protect freedom of assembly and association.

The event’s cancelation on Sunday, on the other hand, suggests differently, and every Ghanaian should denounce what happened.






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