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C/R: Chop bar operators angry after wildlife officers seize bush meat


In certain regions of the Central area, chop bar owners have been found selling a variety of bush meats to officers of the Forestry Commission’s Wildlife Division.

More than a hundred bush foods, including those kept in referigerators, were seized by the squad on Wednesday.


Along with the meat that consumers had previously purchased and eaten, some meat was also taken from soup bowls that were on fire.

The impacted chop bar owners were located in the Effutu Municipality, Gomoa East and West District, and Awutu Senya Wast District.

Adom News spoke with a few operators who voiced dissatisfaction with the wildlife police’ behavior.

They said that the cops broke into their place of employment, brandishing firearms and other dangerous equipment, inciting terror and panic.

However, Ernestina Adumia Anning, the Wildlife Division’s Public Relations Officer, clarified that the exercise is meant to uphold the law against hunting for bush meat.

According to Madam Anning, they will soon move to the side of the road to crack down on others who also sell to tourists.

She said that the owners of the chop bars whose meat was confiscated will be prosecuted and penalized.

Ms. Anning cautioned the public against eating bush meat in the meantime since those found guilty would be taken into custody.







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