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Businessman in court over 16 auctioned vehicles


A businessman has testified before an Accra Circuit Court about allegedly obtaining GH 117,500 from a building contractor under the pretense of buying 16 auctioned automobiles but failing to do so.

Following his re-arrest by the Police under a bench warrant, Evans Aziz appeared in court.


On June 13, 2022, the bench warrant was issued.
Aziz’s attorney claims that the defendant was not aware that a lawsuit had been brought against him.

It’s possible that Aziz was not given a court appearance warning since the prosecution claims that he took up the case from another officer.

The bench warrant was withdrawn by the Samuel Bright Acquah-presiding court since it was noticed that Aziz had never before been in court, therefore it was probable that he was not  warned to appear.

Aziz, who was accused of defrauding under false pretenses, entered a not-guilty plea. Aziz was granted bail by the court in the amount of GH200,000 with four dependable sureties.

It has been postponed until September 27, 2023.

Isaac Adjei Amanor is the complaint, according to ASP Dickson Turna, the prosecutor. Aziz lives in Accra’s Dansoman neighborhood.

According to the prosecution, Aziz told Amanor that some of the automobiles in Parliament House will be put up for auction in October 2018.

According to the report, Aziz accompanied Amanor to Parliament House to choose a few automobiles after he indicated interest in the auction.
According to the prosecution, Amanor purchased 16 automobiles at GH2,500 apiece.

Aziz asked for and received GH17,000 in processing costs. Later, he contacted Amanor to let him know that eight of the sixteen vehicles were ready but that he still needed GH55,000.

The prosecution asserts that one Owusu and P.A. sent GH 55,000. According to the prosecution, P.A. drove a Toyota Land Cruiser to Amanor and promised to finish the paperwork and return the car the same day.

A few seconds later, P.A called Amanor to let him know that he had been detained and needed GH 5,500 to pay the police.

According to the prosecution, Aziz and his cohorts left with GH 117,000 from Amanor before going into hiding.

It said that every attempt to obtain the automobiles had failed.

On August 15, 2019, Amanor filed a police complaint, and on November 18, 2019, Aziz was taken into custody.

According to the prosecution, Aziz confessed to the crime and informed the police that he had given the named P.A. all the money.

However, Aziz was unable to offer any data on P.A.’s whereabouts or how to get in touch with him.









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