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Bryan Acheampong’s statement is supported by NPP – Nana B


According to the National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the party agrees with the Abetifi MP’s assertion that the current administration will never cede power to the NDC.

In an interview with JoyFM’s Super Morning Show on Monday, Henry Nana Boakye hailed the sentiments as favourable.


“Sure, the NPP supports it.

He was entirely supportive, and we [NPP] support it,” he declared.

This comes after Bryan Acheampong, a member of parliament from Abetifi, stated on Saturday that the present NPP would not cede power to the NDC.

He claims that the party will employ any strategy necessary to win the general election in 2024.

The NPP will prove to the NDC that they have the men if they dare to employ threats and force in the 2024 election, he continued.

He explained the situation by saying that numerous National Democratic Congress members have recently made claims meant to intimidate voters. Mr. Acheampong’s message was that if the NDC resorts to violence, they will be stopped.

He provided a number of examples of remarks from the opposition party that he characterised as violent.

The NDC is a revolutionary party, according to the former president, who also said that they were founded out of violence and that they were unafraid of it.

Recently, he was reported as saying, “They’re going to be boot for boot and the polling place is going to be heated. Not even their own national chairman declared that even if it means sacrificing their blood, they’re going to do it.

A little boy recently detained in Suame claimed that people would kill for power.

He went on to explain “the not handing over comment,” which infuriated the NDC and led to calls for his arrest from the IGP.

He cited the stabilisation of the cedi and the decline in fuel costs in support of his claim that the NPP is sure that “we are not going to hand over power to them” as a result of the country’s economic recovery.

He explained that while the NDC had focused on the economic crisis in order to win election, the NPP would continue to hold power in the event of an economic recovery.

This is a fair statement, I suppose. He omitted to clarify that even if the NDC wins, we won’t cede control to them. It has electrified our base, and this is a good statement,” he remarked.


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