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Bryan Acheampong is cautioned by Sosu, “We may appear to be sheep from the outside, but we’re lions inside”


Francis-Xavier Sosu, a member of parliament for Madina, has joined criticism of Bryan Acheampong, a member of parliament for Abetifi, over recent remarks the latter made at a National Patriotic Party event on April 8.

According to Acheampong, who also serves as agriculture minister, the NPP will be equal to the opposition in 2024 and will never cede power to the National Democratic Congress.


In a Facebook post from April 9, 2023, Sosu reminded Acheampong that the NDC was founded as a result of a revolution and emphasised through parables that the NDC was always prepared to take on the NPP if necessary.

“We may have a sheepish front, but deep inside, we’re lions. As Revolutionary War veterans, we are not deterred by simple vitriol. Ghana will support the NDC and vote for it in 2024 in an attempt to unseat the NPP, but nothing will happen. Tsoooooooboi, it said on his message.

The coup on December 31, 1981, which brought Jerry Rawlings into his second term as president of the Provisional National Defense Council, or PNDC, is the revolution being discussed.

The council was in power for 11 years until 1992, when Rawlings largely created the NDC from the PNDC. Before stepping down from power in 2000, he continued to win two elections with the NDC.

Booms Bryan Acheampong

On the weekend, Bryan Acheampong expressed his divisive opinions at a party rally.

In a widely shared video, he is heard promising that the NPP will use all of its resources to win the general elections in 2024.

He claims that because the NPP is not prepared to cede power to the National Democratic Congress (NDC), his party will be well-prepared for the election.

He claimed that the NPP has the men to compete head-to-head with the opposition in the elections of 2024.

On Saturday, April 8, 2023, Bryan Acheampong addressed party members following a health walk through the main streets of Mpraeso. He emphasised that “We will show NDC that we have the men if they want to intimidate, harass us, or do anything dumb during the 2024 elections… We won’t transfer power to NDC; it won’t happen. We’ll employ all strategy necessary to keep NPP in power.


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