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Bole laments the deaths of 2 SHS students in a horrific accident


Two female SHS students from the Lassi Tuolo Senior High School in the Upper West Region who were on their way home for the holidays died in a horrific accident, leaving Bole in the Savannah Region in a state of grief.

In the morning of April 6, 2023, a bus transporting pupils from the Lassia Tuolu Senior High School in the Upper West region to the Bole area was involved in an accident close to Gindabou in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of the Savannah.


One of the two who passed away while being transported to the Bole District Hospital was Tingawura Alhaji Sampson Seidu Abudu, the granddaughter of a famous Chief from the Bole Traditional Region. Hidaya Seidu Abudu, the father of the SHS student, is a well-liked young man who works at the Ghana Commercial Bank’s Wa branch and is renowned for his kindness.

Although the remaining pupils, some of whom have grave conditions, are being treated at the hospital, one other female student passed away instantly.

Although the exact cause of the disaster is yet unknown, many people have suggested that the Wa- Sawla-Bole roadway is to blame.

The Wenchi to Wa & Sawla to Laribanga segments of road have turned into accidents prone and death-traps that continue to swallow the blood of travelers due to the terrible character of these stretches, according to a disgruntled resident of Bole.

The offended man remarked, “When this is happening, our politicians are watching unconcerned. Some sections have some really nasty potholes or manholes. What’s going on, honorable minister for the Savannah region? Do you want us to all perish on these roads before something is done? Why should maintenance be stopped? Why are certain important regional linking routes having asphalting work done while Savannah does not? Can you work with your Upper West colleague to lobby for the repair of these roads with the help of people like the Lands Minister, Interior Minister, and Speaker of Parliament? don’t belong to Ghana. Paying taxes? Why such prolonged neglect?

How many bright, talented, and hopeful souls must we perch above while their lives are wasted on these roads, he continued? Please, honorable Muhazu, we don’t want to die, we want our kids to get home from school safely, and we want to watch them develop and help Savannah prosper.

While expressing his sympathies, another angry Bole resident wrote: “We need to speak up, let demands from the authorities and urge them to execute their work that is funded by our money.”

The Wa-Tuna-Salwa-Bole-Tinga-Dua-Bamboi-Wenchi section is terrible, he continued. Even though this road is an international route, there will be no more yearly road repair work.


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