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Black History Festival announces 2024 edition


The Black History Festival has scheduled a four-day event for its 2024 edition, which will begin on February 21 and will be available to persons of African origin from all six African regions and the Americas.

The event will be place in the Columbus Airport Marriott Hotel in Ohio, United States, with the topic “The Africa we want in a global setting – Rebuilding Trans-Atlantic Trade ties for the socio-economic and cultural advancement of the peoples of Africa and the Americas.”


It is put on by the Bureau for International Development, Exchange, and Commerce (BIDEC) and the Young Africa Media Center (previously YALI TV). Other major collaborators include the African Union Mission in the United States, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), One Voice Consortium, and the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce.

The festival will invite speakers, panelists, moderators, and delegates from Africa, the Americas, and the African Diaspora from across the world, with over 1,000 people expected.

Through the effect of exchange programs amongst these major stakeholders, the Black History Festival is committed to celebrating the ongoing link between governments, the business sector, industries, civil society, and the people of Africa, the Americas, and the African Diaspora.

According to the festival, the African Diaspora is the third-largest country after China and India, with over 350 million people. It is crucial to the general growth of the African continent for persons of African heritage. It is estimated that around 43 million individuals in the United States of America are of African descent, accounting for 13% of the total population. Black History Festival believes these figures can represent a significant force for change if positively harnessed.

The event is meant to symbolize today’s key socioeconomic ideals of Africa, its bilateral partners, and the African Diaspora (Global Africa).

The 2024 edition will include a pre-event mission tour to engage possible partners and stakeholders, a call for exhibits, screening of exhibitors, promotion for participants, and event organization.

It has planned events such as Innovation and Technology Day, Made in Africa Expo, History, Heritage, and Culture Day, US-Africa Trade and Development Forum, African Entertainment and Networking Event, Columbus/Ohio Tour, Black History Makers Gala Night, and a concluding Thanksgiving Service.

According to the organizers, this edition is intended to have an influence on both direct and indirect stakeholders. The festival’s primary goal is to strengthen and rediscover long-standing links between Africa, the Americas, and other bilateral partners, with an emphasis on developing and supporting commerce, development, cultural values, and history.

At the event’s completion, the tone will be established for Africa and its Diaspora to link the future for policy reforms, trade treaties, professional exchanges, tourism, and other initiatives.

The event will feature Ambassadors from African Union Member States to the United States, officials and representatives from U.S. Government projects and funding aimed at African development, representatives from African Government trade, investment, and export agencies, and representatives of corporations from the US and Africa, US Exchange Alumni, representatives of the Diasporan Agencies, and the general public.

This program aims to reach at least 1000 actual participants as well as 100,000 to 1 million virtual viewers worldwide.

Visit the following link to register:



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