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Bimbilla Youth besiege Hospital, demand removal of Medical Superintendent


On Saturday morning, a group of youngsters from Bimbilla, which is part of the Nanumba North municipality in the Northern area, invaded the hospital’s grounds and demanded that the Medical Superintendent be fired.

The youth charged the Superintendent of poor management and incompetence, particularly in light of the ongoing water issue afflicting the institution.


The Bimbilla Hospital has been experiencing a severe water deficit for the past six months, which has had a negative influence on local healthcare services.

Hospital operations have been disrupted by a lack of water, and the continuing Nurses’ Strike has made things worse. The devoted nurses are protesting the lack of water, voicing worries about the possibility of illnesses and their capacity to do their responsibilities successfully.

The hospital’s water supply was cut off because bills totaling more than 240 000 Ghana cedis had not been paid over the course of many months.

Because of this, those who need medical care are either turned away or routed to other hospitals in Yendi or close-by private institutions.

The youth organized on the hospital grounds, driven by their irritation and worries for the welfare of their community, and demanded the departure of not just the medical Superintendent but also other front-line officials who they believed were to blame for the ongoing issue.

In order to prevent the issue from worsening and harming the NPP administration, a young organizer who represents the NPP in the constituency has pleaded with the government to take immediate action.

Dr. Barhama Adam, the medical director of the Bimbilla Hospital, gave the public the assurance that there are preparations in place to pay the unpaid water bills in response to the rising demand. He advised the young people to be patient while they attempted to solve the problem.

The hospital has recently started renovating its wards, which has the young people who are worried wondering how resources are being allocated.

They ponder the possibility that the money set aside for renovations may be used to pay the water bill, averting the crisis and resuming the hospital’s crucial services.




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