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Beyi W’ano: Dismissed PBC audit officer cries for help [Listen]


An ex-employee of PBC Limited, formerly known as Produce Buying Company, has filed a complaint against management for mistreatment.

Former PBC Audit officer Frederick Ackon said that after being fired, management neglected to provide him his severance payout.


He expressed fears about a potential collapse of the state-owned corporation after 15 years of employment there.

In light of this context, Mr. Ackon petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to prevent the demise of PBC.

He made a prediction regarding the company’s market share in his plea to the president. He said that the state-owned corporation would perish if PBC’s market share fell below 10%.

The PBC Audit officer charged management with being responsible for PBC’s position and demanded a change in business tactics to save the lives of the over 900 employees and 15,000 commission-based clerks.

After raising the alarm, Mr. Ackon was placed on leave, demoted, and finally suspended for getting the presidency’s attention in order to rescue the business and allow it to purchase massive amounts of cocoa.

The shocked PBC personnel said that he is still supported by friends and family years after being fired.

He said that the management promised not to provide him his package as a result of his airing of their dirty laundry in public.

“I have worked in PBC for 15 years and I did not get even one query but I was sacked for seeking to save the company from collapse,” he bemoaned.

Alongside him, Mr. Ackon said that the majority of his coworkers had been demoted and suspended due to their disagreement with the management’s management style.

“For the past two years, if you speak you will be transferred or suspended. The workers have been gagged from speaking,” he added.

Mr. Ackon said that those who care about PBC Limited have sworn to expose the nation’s rot in order to save it.

Listen to the audio below



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