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Believers are urged by Rev. Ofoli to “die” with Christ


Christians have been asked to “die with Christ” as they commemorate his crucifixion by the Reverend Samuel Anang Ofoli, the minister in charge of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) Redemption Congregation in Tema Community Nine.

In his sermon on Good Friday at the church, Rev. Ofoli noted that dying with Christ means having a hunger for God’s work and healthy interpersonal relationships.


He continued by saying that Christians must make sacrifices for others in addition to remembering Jesus Christ’s death on a yearly basis.

If people don’t forgive one another, he claimed, they won’t be able to join Christ in death.

He urged Christians and the rest of humanity to constantly stay in sync with God, saying that they must not allow Jesus’ agony on the cross to be in vain.

According to Rev. Ofoli, Christ’s death demonstrated God’s compassion for humanity and his ability to save people.

He said that it demonstrated how beautiful and above our comprehension God’s love is.

He said that, in light of all that God had accomplished for the human race, humans ought to prostrate themselves at the foot of the cross because they had done nothing to earn salvation.

Church people attended the sombre ceremony commemorating the crucifixion while dressed in mourning attire to symbolise their state of sadness.

Members also heard readings of and explanations of the final seven utterances made by Jesus Christ on the cross over 2000 years ago when he was crucified.


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