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Bawku conflict: We must take the politics out of it – Kwesi Aning


Prof. Kwesi Aning, a security expert, is encouraging those trying to restore peace in Bawku to ensure that any offered solutions are politically neutral.

According to him, these dispositions make it impossible to develop a comprehensive approach to addressing conflict.


This comes after five people were shot dead last week in the ongoing unrest.

Many people have expressed worry about successive administrations’ incapacity to eradicate the core source of the problem altogether.

Prof. Kwesi Aning, appearing on JoyNews’ AM Show, argues that the lack of a dispassionate attitude makes this impossible to achieve.

“I think the unfortunate part of this Bawku crisis has been extreme politicisation of the resolution interventions. If it is Party A that is in power, their approach to resolving the conflict is different from Part B. But the root of the conflict is the same,” he said on JoyNews.

Prof Aning noted that this leads to a larger issue of allowing the situation to continue.

“And therein lies my argument earlier, that when the root of a conflict becomes overlooked, it festers, becomes intractable then others begin to exploit it for their pecuniary ends. That is what we are seeing,” he explained on Monday, January 22, 2024.

“So we need to take the politics out of understanding what the problem is, what the intervention options must be, and when there is consensus about the intervention, [there must be] consensus to pursue to its legitimate end.

As of January 18, three more persons have been slain, bringing the total to five in 48 hours.

They were shot by troops who claimed they discovered guns on them.




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