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Bawku conflict: Seeing women and children displaced disheartening – Lawyer


Godwin Edudzi Tamaklo, Director of Legal Affairs for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has voiced serious worry about the relocation of women and children in Bawku following a fatal armed battle.

He stressed that the fighting has prevented youngsters from obtaining an education in certain places.


Speaking on the Big Issue on TV3, Edudzi Tamaklo stated, “The situation there is extremely delicate, and for me, the greater pain I have is the displacement of women and children. It has been extremely difficult for children within those communities to even have proper education now by reason of this armed conflict.”

Fuseini Issah, a former Member of Parliament for Okaikwei North, also addressed the matter, encouraging stakeholders to bring the squabbling groups together to reach an amicable conclusion. He stressed the protracted duration of the fight, which resulted in the loss of innocent lives.

Former President John Dramani Mahama urged strong cooperation between the military and the police to guarantee security in Bawku. Mahama expressed grief and concern over recent gunshots in the town, including the deaths of three persons. He called for the military to work hand in hand with the police to ensure safety and security.

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) have detailed the facts behind the neutralization of three individuals who shot at its personnel in Bawku. The GAF underlined the need of peaceful resolution and warned against direct violent conflict with the military.

Bawku recently suffered an event in which unknown gunmen opened fire on a crowd, killing and injuring several persons.

Mahama Ayariga, the Member of Parliament for Bawku, denounced the act and urged law enforcement to capture and prosecute the culprits.

The Minister of the Interior renewed the curfew hours in Bawku Municipality and its surrounds, underlining the necessity of utilizing nonviolent measures to address the difficulties and urging community members to exercise restraint.

Additionally, a complete ban on carrying guns, ammunition, or offensive weapons was proclaimed, with offenders facing arrest and punishment.



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