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Atwima Nwabiagya South MP: “I was hooted at but not chased away”


Emmanuel Agyei Anhwere, a lawmaker for Atwima Nwabiagya South in parliament, has argued that angry neighbours did not kick him out of his house after a resident died.

The cops are seen guiding a visiting MP out of the area in a viral video to protect them from the mob’s attacks.


The MP was being attacked by the mob as they were searching for the corpse of John Kwame Asumang, a 57-year-old man who drowned in the downpour on Wednesday.

The person who died is said to have drowned after crossing a wet bridge.

The region’s damaged bridge and hazardous driving conditions, according to the locals, were to blame for his demise.

Emmanuel Agyei Anhwere confirmed during an interview with Eyewitness News that he was more hooted at by his people than forced away, contrary to what had been reported in the media, calling such assertions deceptive.

He acknowledged the worries of his irate supporters and offered the grieving family his condolences.

The legislator acknowledged that the bridge is no longer motorable.

“The narrative is false; I wasn’t chased away, and even though I had intended to see the family later, I didn’t go there to express my condolences. When the Divisional Police Commander ACP Joe Owusu phoned me on my phone, he told me that because of the unrest at the bridge caused by the death of a motorcyclist who planned to cross to go and do his business, no one would be allowed to do so and that I should cross instead.

He went on to describe what happened, saying, “When I went there, policeman were there, the Commander and his officers were ten in number, simply to have a chat about how we can fix the problem. When it rains, the area floods, becoming it impassable and resulting in the terrible event. Despite the fact that the locals began congregating as I arrived, I wasn’t chased away. They yelled at me. In light of the fact that it involves a life being lost, I do understand their fears. Neither was I pushed away nor was I stoned. I was driven to my vehicle by the cops, then I sped off.

He acknowledged that there was a spray of water, but he refuted that a stone had been thrown at him.

He went on to add, “I witnessed a splash of water, I saw a thing fall into the water, but I cannot tell it was intended at me or not.

He said that every attempt to repair the bridge had failed.


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