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Atta Akyea stated that Bryan Acheampong’s remark was political in nature


Samuel Atta Akyea, the MP for Abuakwa South, supported his Abetifi colleague in response to his assertion that the NPP would not cede power to the NDC in 2025.

On Sunday, he said that Bryan Acheampong’s comment was political talk during an appearance on JoyNews’ The Probe.


He pointed out that the minister’s intended meaning was that the ruling party would break the eight.

He claims that Mr. Acheampong’s remark has been misrepresented.

“I was genuinely on stage; that didn’t involve any rage. It was merely said in the context of “I’ll beat the crap out of you if you have a good fight with me.”

Given that it is political terminology, he said, “If you stated that doesn’t mean that you’re going to use violence or anything. I was a bit surprised that people are giving it some violence connotations and all that.

Bryan Acheampong, the Abetifi MP, declared on Saturday on a health walk that the current NPP will not cede power to the NDC.

He claims that the party will employ any strategy necessary to win the general election in 2024.

He continued by saying that the NPP would prove to the NDC that they lacked the men if they dared to employ threats and coercion during the 2024 election.

He predicted that the NDC would fall and that the NPP would demonstrate that “we have the men.”

The Abuakwa MP, however, claimed that his remarks had been misinterpreted.

Atta Akyea reaffirmed and reassured Ghanaians that Mr. Acheampong did not display any behaviours indicative of a person who would resort to violence while delivering his statement.

So, he believes that the Abetifi MP had no desire to take any action that would destabilise the peace and stability of the nation.

The attorney also made note of the fact that, notwithstanding any influence that any politician may have had, it was ultimately the EC that chose which party would rule the nation.

The Food and Agriculture Minister’s comment poses a threat to democracy, hence the NDC has responded by asking for his arrest.

But in response, he expressed amazement at how the NDC handled the circumstance.

He thought it was totally “out of place.”

“As soon as you enter this kind of frenzy, it won’t benefit the country… You are returning due to the economy; yet, you can only respond that we will kick you out.

Thus, “we will boot you out” is a metaphor; it does not imply that we will use our foot but rather our thud instead.


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