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‘Approach 2024 Elections as Matter of Life and Death’ – Mahama to NDC


Former President John Dramani Mahama, the Presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has advised NDC Executives to treat the upcoming Parliamentary and Presidential Elections as a matter of life and death.

Former President John Dramani Mahama said on January 1, 2024, at his residence in Bole, in an address to the NDC Savannah Regional Executives, Constituency Executives, MP’s, and Parliamentary candidates, that the party’s rank and file must approach the upcoming 2024 election as if it were a matter of life and death.


He said; “we are going to approach this election as if it is a matter of life and death, we must go after every single vote and when that vote is cast we must make sure that we defend every single vote God has opened the way, but we don’t need to sit and assume that we have won the elections already”

According to former President John Dramani Mahama, the NDC is doing well in opinion surveys.

He added; “when you go around Ghanaians welcome you and tell you look we’ve made mistakes in 2016 and 2020 we are ready to correct that mistake in 2024 but that doesn’t mean automatically that we must sit and allow our opponents room to operate, they are capable of anything and so we must block all the loopholes and that is why we are approaching these elections very seriously”

According to former President John Dramani Mahama; “the year 2024 is a critical year and a make-or-break year for the NDC as a party and Ghana as a country. We have choices to make, we all live in this country for the last 7 years and we know what we’ve been through, I don’t have to repeat what is happening in the country today but as I say Ghanaians are ready for NDC but the question I want to ask you is are you ready for Ghanaians?”

Former President John Dramani Mahama asked the party Executives to take their work seriously in order to preserve Ghanaians’ votes and guarantee the NDC Party wins the 2024 elections.

He disclosed that the NDC election directorate has been going around conducting elections exams for NDC election officers which is very important because “if you are the Director of elections in a constituency you need to know the electoral processes thoroughly because you will be supervising the elections in that community.”

Former President John Dramani Mahama stated that all Constituency and Branch executives must function as election officers during these elections.

“After we’ve finished voting, nobody is going to sleep until we have our pink sheets correctly filled and we have reported the results to the locations that it has to be reported to, so that night we are all not going to sleep, your phones must be on throughout until the results are declared and all of you must stay awake and take an interest and make sure that your results are compiled properly and the pink sheets have been filled and compiled, you go to the Constituency tally center, they collate the results, everything is signed and you send it to our National tally room before you can go and sleep. I am not going to sleep myself”; he added.

Former President John Dramani Mahama said that a strong communication center was tested in Kumawu and Assin North and performed well, adding that the facility is being expanded to include all party leaders.

He said, no Constituency is too difficult to win; “it is not just about resources and money, it is about the work we do at the grassroots and how we penetrate and educate the people. They did it in Assin North 200 cedis per person all over the constituency and what did the Assin North people do, they took the money, chopped the money but voted for the right thing. I know that at some of the places our opponents are very resourceful and so we must educate the people it is not that if the money comes don’t take it, if the money comes to take it and chop it because it’s taxpayer money, your own money if they say you should swear to do it, God won’t punish you from taking your own money.”

Former President John Dramani Mahama urged the party’s rank and file to help their MPs win the different seats in their constituencies.

The Savannah Regional Chairman of the NDC, Alhaji Imoro Seidu Man Blessing, thanked Former President John Dramani Mahama for his inspirational speech and advice to the Savannah regional NDC executives and promised him that they would do everything possible to win all seven seats available in the Savannah region for the NDC.

Alhaji Imoro Seidu Man Blessing, the party’s chairman, stated that all executives must work relentlessly to campaign at the grassroots level in order to gain more votes for the party by sharing the development ideas of John Dramani Mahama and the party.





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