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Ankaful Prisons Complex calls for logistical support


The management of the Ankaful Maximus Prisons Complex in the Central Region has requested logistical assistance to facilitate inmate rehabilitation.

The facility’s Chaplain, Reverend Superintendent Adobaw-Ogoe, stated that efforts to instruct condemned convicts were impeded by insufficient and outmoded weaving, sewing, electrical, and carpentry supplies.


Despite having the necessary staff to teach and train convicts in order to reintegrate ex-prisoners into society, the tools were grossly inadequate.

The Ghana Prisons Service helps to internal security by maintaining a high sentence and high-profile convicts through an effective, compassionate, and secure penal reform system defined by Ghanaian laws.

Rev. Adobaw-Ogoe made the request when the Mount Carmel Prayer Center in Elmina, Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem district, received food donations.

The supplies were valued Gh6,000.00 and included 1000 packs of hot meals, 60 bags of sachet water, 55 packs of soft beverages, and pastries.

Rev. Adobaw-Ogoe praised the religious organization for its six-year commitment to the institution and encouraged others to follow suit.

Prophetess Esther Acquah, Patron of Mount Carmel Prayer Center, said the act was in keeping with the center’s biblical principles of supporting the less fortunate, particularly prisoners.

She believes that if jailed individuals are empowered and supported, they may change themselves and become valuable members of a healthy society.

Prophetess Acquah, on the other hand, encouraged the young to avoid actions that may jeopardize their future objectives.

Contagious Disease Prison, Main Camp Prison, and Ankaful Annex Prison are all part of the Ankaful Maximum Security Prisons complex.






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