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Anas reveals source of ‘bribe money’ in his videos and whether he retrieves it


Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an investigative journalist, has stated that he pays bribes using income from “views and clicks” on his videos.

Anas Aremeyaw revealed this finding while speaking with CNN’s Stephanie Busari at the Disruptionlab Network event in Germany earlier this month.


The CNN journalist inquired as to where Anas obtained large quantities of money to pay as bribes throughout his investigation job.

In response to the query, Anas admits that he operates the organization as a media outlet, and they rely on views and clicks to fund their research budget.

He further alleged that they had alliances with radio stations.

“Well, where do we get the money? So we are a media house and we have views, we have clicks, we have radio stations that we go into some form of alliance with. So before we start any investigation, there is a budget and that budget is what goes into the film.”

“So yes, that is how we get the money. We don’t get it everyday, I wish we could get more to do what we do, but we try and we wish we will not be paying more but sometimes you just have to pay more to get it.”

When asked if he will return the money following the investigation, he responded it depends.

“There’s been certain occasions that the money has been used as exhibits and the people who used it as exhibits kept it as exhibits, permanent exhibits.” He explained.

Anas reported the following about his interaction with the police:

Now the police, yes, it is a decision you have to make. I have been the number one critic of the Ghana Police, I have done stories where many of them have been sacked and all of that, but at the same time, I am able to sense when I need them to help to push the national agenda.”

“So I try to separate people’s parochial interests from doing what is right. For me, a crime is a crime and I will fight that crime whatever way the police service wants to use to tell their story, that is for them.”

“But at the end of the day, have I managed to minimise that crime, have I managed to take the person to court, have I managed to sentence the person, those are important things for me. And if I can take pride in that work and the police can take pride in that, it is okay, society moves on well. But I also do know that the police are not your friends, they are not at all, because they are a part of the system and they can be used against you too.”





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