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Akosombo Dam spillage: More evacuations being carried out as entire communities are cut off – Ablakwa


The Lower Volta Basin is continuing experiencing catastrophic flooding, with some towns being forced to flee and others being completely shut off by the rapidly rising floodwaters.

This is a result of the hydro dams at Akosombo and Kpong continuously leaking water.


Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the member of parliament for North Tongu, has been helping thousands of people who have lost their houses and belongings to flooding evacuate.

On September 15, the Volta River Authority (VRA) started releasing extra water from the hydro dams at Akosombo and Kpong.

Even though the reservoir’s current intake is estimated to be 400,000 cubic feet of water per second, the authority claims that only around 183,000 cubic feet of water are being spilled, and they are unable to predict when the exercise would end.

A loss of property estimated to be worth millions of cedis has resulted in the displacement of thousands of residents along the Lower Volta Basin.

Nine districts have been impacted by the leak thus far.

The Volta Region’s South, Central, and North Tongu districts are among the worst-affected areas.

Speaking on JoyFM’s Super Morning Show, Okudzeto Ablakwa reports that more shelters are being built farther afield to accommodate additional refugees, even though the floodwaters are still rising.

“The situation is still dire, the water hasn’t receded, on the contrary, the VRA spillage continues and so a lot more communities are affected last night we had to evacuate a few more communities in addition to the 23 earlier communities we had to evacuate, so new shelters have been created.

“I was with them last night at the Fodjoku basic school where we have our latest shelter and now there’s another shelter at Dodofo Adidome basic school. So we’re creating more shelters, more evacuations have had to be carried out because of the continuous spillage,” he said.

He continued by saying that roughly half of the people in his constituency are cut off because of flooded roads and bridges, making it difficult for humanitarian help to get to them.

“Then I must also inform you that a number of communities are now cut off entirely. Yesterday I could not use the Juapong-Adidome road because the Ngolikpe bridge has been submerged.

“So those who know that stretch through Juapong, Volu, Bator-Togodo, Mepe-Togodo into Mafi-Adidome and then you can use Sogakope, I couldn’t use that route because of the current situation. So technically, about half of my constituency has now been cut off because of the rising water levels,” he said.

Additionally, with CHP premises buried beneath the rapidly rising water and schools converted into shelters for evacuees, the delivery of basic services like education and healthcare has come to a complete halt.

The Member of Parliament demanded further government action to improve the lot of his people.

“So it’s a really critical situation and we’d have to increase our interventions to support thousands of people who are now displaced, who have lost property.

“There is no schooling because most of our schools are now being used as shelters, a lot of CHP compounds have been submerged so there’s a lack of access to health delivery.

“A number of our health workers are also now homeless. Yesterday we were trying to get new accommodation for nurses whose homes have been submerged. So the situation is really dire,” he said.







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