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Akosombo Dam spillage: Mahama tours flood-affected communities


John Mahama, the former president, has urged the Volta River Authority (VRA) to step up efforts to assist locals in areas along the Volta River that are impacted by the Akosombo Dam disaster.

Many villages in the Volta Region’s North, South, and Central Tongu districts were forced to leave due to flooding brought on by the spills, and were left with little to do except attempt to salvage what little remained of their possessions.


In order to evaluate the effects of the spill and speak with the impacted families and communities, Mr. Mahama traveled to many areas of Sogakope and Sokpoe on Friday.

The Comboni Hospital employees had to flee their lodgings and take cover under a pavilion due to the severe situation.

Ten patients are still in serious condition after the other patients were released. It could also be necessary to release the water if the levels do not drop quickly.

“It’s heartbreaking that we may have to let go of these patients,” a nurse said. “But if things don’t get better, we won’t have any other choice.”

The former president visited the Comboni hospital and spoke with the patients, workers, and management. He then asked the VRA to expeditiously provide the humanitarian help that was promised to the impacted people.

In his words, “This is about people’s lives. I will thank the VRA and appeal to them to expedite their efforts because the people are in need. We must help them to cope with the situation.”

The flagbearer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) voiced his dissatisfaction over the National Disaster Management Organization’s (NADMO) inability to help the impacted villages because of a shortage of relief supplies.

He said that the country’s northern regions have seen intense rainfall, which resulted in significant inflows over the dam, but he suggested the VRA think about desilting the river.

“If you don’t spill, it is possible that the dam can give way, and that will be more catastrophic, especially down the southern Volta. But we must dredge so that the extra volumes of water can flow faster. For example, under the Volta Bridge is silted. If it is de-silted, the water will flow away faster.”

In order to underscore the gravity of the situation and the need for immediate relief, Mr. Mahama mentioned that the hospital may ask families to retrieve the 300 deceased remains from the morgue and locate alternate locations for them.

“We need the government to take this seriously,” a community leader told Mr Mahama. “The lives of our people are at stake, and their well-being should be a top priority.”







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