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After two years, the Ghanaian pastor who allegedly killed his wife in the US will go on trial


Two years after Barbara Tommey, 27, died, her husband, who has been charged with killing her, is set to stand trial. Barbara was killed in Orlando, Florida, on September 8, 2020.

Sylvester Ofori, the senior pastor of Floodgates of Heaven in Orlando, was seen on camera getting into a heated dispute with his wife at the entrance to her place of business before shooting her seven times in the head.


Ofori was hauled to court this week for the beginning of the murder trial, according to a report by Kofi Adomah Nwanwani of Kofi TV, two years after the horrifying murder.

According to the article, Ofori rejected a plea agreement offered by the prosecution, and the judge postponed the matter for a trial to start in July.

“Sylvester Ofori was hauled before the court today, but he did not exhibit any signs of regret from the way he acted. According to accounts, he was offered a plea agreement in which he would admit guilt in exchange for a 50-year sentence.

“His attorneys advised him that the highest term he would receive based on his defence would be 15 or 16 years, therefore he declined it on the grounds that he would defend his acts. But if he is proven guilty after the complete trial, he might receive a sentence of up to 100 years, according to Kofi Adomah’s YouTube report.

“Based on our conversations with the family, they anticipate that he will receive a sentence of at least 74 years, maybe 100 years. He has rejected the plea agreement because his attorneys are convinced that they can successfully defend him.

The trial has been postponed until July 15, when he is anticipated to give his testimony. He is still in police custody, as of this moment, he stated.

The family of Barbara, who is still grieving over her death, is optimistic that justice will be done at the conclusion of the trial.

“The incident still makes the family upset. The worst impacted member of the family is her mother, whose bed is still unmade after two years. Her retired military father is in pain. All of them are expecting that justice will be done,” Kofi Adomah said in his narration.


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