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Africa Education Watch urges WAEC to conclude investigation on withheld WASSCE results


Africa Education Watch Executive Director Kofi Asare has urged the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) to accelerate the probe into the delayed West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results.

WAEC withheld not just subject results for 4,280 applicants in the 2023 WASSCE, but also the whole results of 1,005 individuals for different alleged infractions.


Mr. Asare voiced worry over the delayed publication of results for candidates from 235 schools, which account for around 20% of Ghana’s total number of Senior High Schools (SHS).

He mentioned Osei Kyeretwie Senior High institution (OKESS) in Kumasi, a public institution whose core subject results for all applicants have been withheld.

While admitting that WAEC may have legitimate reasons for delaying findings owing to suspected anomalies, Asare highlighted the significance of due process.

He mentioned the difficulties that innocent applicants may face if their results are still being investigated, particularly for tertiary admissions.

With tertiary admissions about to end shortly, Kofi Asare asked WAEC to complete its investigations as quickly as possible to guarantee fairness for all candidates.

He urged increasing funding in consultants to speed inquiries into test result concerns before issuing WASSCE results in connection to Eduwatch’s 2021 WASSCE monitoring report.

He expressed worry about the possible injustice of publishing results in phases, which might lead to discrepancies in tertiary admissions among candidates.

Asare cited a scenario from 2020 in which a candidate competed in the Apam SHS National Maths and Science Quiz but had the results withheld due to alleged irregularities.

He added that, although being innocent, the applicant was unable to begin tertiary education, emphasizing the need of a balanced approach to implementing the law, providing justice, and guaranteeing prompt and fair decisions.

While stakeholders wait for these challenges to be resolved, the demand for a balance between legal procedures and timely delivery of justice remains critical in improving WASSCE processes and outcomes.

Many parents with impacted children are putting pressure on school administrators, particularly those in private institutions.

The pressure has become so intense and depressing to some extent that some parents are threatening to sue the schools.





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