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Adoagyiri murder: Two suspects arrested, one at large


In connection with the murder of Odehye Kwame Sarkodie in the Eastern area of Adoagyiri, two people have been detained.

Daniel Osei Yaw Boateng, the main suspect, was detained at his hiding in Sefwi Akontombra in the Western North after police from the Kyebi Regional Police Command received information about him. He is 55 years old.


Later, when the primary suspect identified him as an accomplice to the murder, Kwame Anim, a 57-year-old suspect, was detained.

The third suspect, Kofi Kurankye, who is thought to be the personal driver of Adoagyiri Okoanadwo Afutu Dompreh’s rival chief, is still at large.

According to reliable intelligence, the two suspects were moved to the police headquarters at the direction of the police administration.

The police received a confession from the main suspect, Daniel Osei Yaw Boateng, that he had shot and murdered Odehye Kwame Sarkodie, according to sources.

He did, however, disclose that Kofi Kurankye had given him the rifle from the palace of Okoanadwo Afutu Dompreh and given him the instruction to shoot Kwame Sarkodie. After the event, Kwame Anim whisks Yaw Boateng away from the crime site.

On July 15, 2023, after receiving many threats on his life that were submitted to the Nsawam Police station, Odehye Kwame Sarkodie was purportedly murdered by assailants who were thought to be connected to Okoanadwo Afutu Dompreh, a rival claimant to the Adoagyiri stool.

The first murder case connected to the Adoagyiri chieftaincy standoff in July 2023 was this one.

It comes after the violent altercation that left two people dead and several more hurt a few weeks ago.

Residents want the Ghana Police Service to fully investigate the incident and prosecute the offenders in order to restore the neighborhood’s peace and sanity.









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