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Accra’s Fire Service launches a safety awareness walk


The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFSGreater )’s Accra Regional Command has launched an instructional campaign via several of Accra’s main thoroughfares. The goal of the education campaign is to make Ghanaians aware of the importance of fire safety before, during, and after Easter celebrations.

From the regional headquarters in Korle-Bu, the education campaign travelled to Kaneshie, Abossey Okai, Sabon Zongo, Laterbiokoshie, and a few important avenues in Accra.


Public flyers promoting fire safety were distributed by the firefighters. On posters that also included messages about fire safety, officers from different security services joined the campaign march.

The Fire Officers carried placards with the following messages on them to spread the message of fire safety: “Switch off and unplug electrical appliances when not in use in your home or office; do not overload sockets with many electrical gadgets; do not place electrical wires under carpets; and hire the services of a qualified electrician to work on your electrical installations.”

Additional safety tips include carrying a fire extinguisher in your car, abstaining from rekindling interior fires with fuel or kerosene, shutting off the gas or electricity to your kitchen right away after use and more.

The team stopped at Kaneshie to inform the locals.
DO 1 Evans Osei Wusu, the regional director of safety, urged the people to keep following the safety rules.

The public should come to us if they have any questions, he continued, and “let us be their friends and they should also be our friends.”

“We don’t close at midnight; our doors are constantly open. You can get in touch with us regarding anything you need assistance with. They should call us right away if there is a fire instead of waiting and attempting to put it out on their own because there might still be anything hidden elsewhere.

The Ghana National Fire Service, or GNFS, is constantly prepared to encourage and inform the public to minimise fires and ensure safety, according to the regional commander, ACFO I Roberta Aggrey Ghanson.

We have let the public know that we are prepared for our task and that we want everyone to be safety conscious.

“Let us live in oneness,” remarked ACFO I Roberta Aggrey Ghanson, “because Mother Ghana wants us to live in peace, and if there is peace among us, we can achieve it.”
She asked everyone to keep following the safety instructions. “Let’s maintain the escape path secure; let’s turn off all electrical appliances while leaving the house, among other things, because we want you to be alive and so that the rescue team will have the same access when they come to fetch you. We declare, “Let us keep our environment safe from fire and let us keep our route of escape safe for use” while we avoid what we should avoid.

The conclusion of the fire safety campaign march, which took place at the regional headquarters in Korle-Bu, was that “fire safety is a shared responsibility.”


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