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Accountants in this country are dishonest in their work because of fear – Domelevo


Former Auditor General Daniel Yao Domelevo has shed light on the widespread dishonesty among the country’s accountants.

He blamed it on their extreme fear for their lives and job security.


In a televised interview with Kwesi Pratt Jnr, the former Auditor General stated that despite the quantity of highly trained chartered accountants in the country, Africa, and globally, their professionalism sometimes takes a back seat owing to an underlying fear.

He went on to discuss the influence of this anxiety on accountants’ ethical practices, indicating that when experts in the area are threatened, they tend to neglect critical facts in their practice, jeopardizing the integrity of their work.

“One thing I know and I believe to be true is that there are several very knowledgeable chartered accountants in this country, Africa and the world. What makes them unprofessional is fear. They fear for their lives, jobs. They think their job is the same as their lives.

“I may be attacked, removed or lose my job and as a result when they are threatened, they overlook some very key information in their practice,” he said.

Domelevo discussed the obstacles he experienced as Auditor General, drawing on his own experiences to underscore the unavoidable consequences of fighting corruption.

“ I lost my job, in fact, I was not in any doubt that I would lose my job. If you heard me earlier on, I had made several statements in that direction. I stated very clearly that once you fight corruption, it is also going to fight you back, there is no two ways about that.

“I remember in Ho, when I began receiving threats that I will be removed just like that removed the former Electoral Commissioner, Charlotte Osei, and I stated to them that I don’t care, they can remove me as they wish. I told them that leaving office is not the end of his life, at times it may even be a stepping stone for a place higher,” he said.

“…if we fear leaving our job, we compromise many times unnecessarily.”



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