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Account of how taxi drivers’ refusal to take a guy to the hospital resulted in his death is horrifying


On April 30, 2023, a Facebook user by the name of Kristine Afi began her account on the Facebook group Trotro Diaries with the words “I tried my best but unfortunately he passed on.”

On her page, Afi, who identifies herself as the CEO & Founder of Legends Media Hub, described how two friends made a valiant effort to assist their sick friend during the event at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.


She described how their sick friend was violently throwing up, fidgeting with his stomach, and rolling over the floor.

In such a circumstance, what might have been done? Any hotlines for these cases? On Wednesday, April 26, 2023, as I was making my way to an appointment in the Accra Digital Centre, I came across two men in tears who had water and porridge in their hands and were frantically trying to revive their friend who was violently throwing up. The friend was also writhing on the ground, moving from one end to the other while the two men tried to revive him.

The gang of buddies, who hustle on the streets of Kwame Nkrumah Circle, told Afi that they couldn’t afford to transport him to the hospital when he asked them to do so.

Afi made the decision to pay for their transportation to the hospital as well as the bill that would be incurred there after observing how uncomfortable the sick man was.

She claimed that due to the sick person’s poor appearance, the majority of taxi drivers declined to take him to the closest hospital.

She claimed that the exchanges with the taxi drivers went on from 9:45 am to about 11 am.

“They later left him for a small period of time, and I then noticed a third man standing beside the victim with a very confused expression on his face. When I approached him, he explained that the victim was a fellow male head potter who had malaria.

“It was clear that he was severely dehydrated. I advised them to take him to the hospital. The victim’s two buddies wish they had the money, he said, but they don’t.

“I asked whether they would be willing if I made arrangements to have them get him medical attention. When the victim overheard our conversation, she began to beg me for assistance (awooow madam boa me wai in twi). I was unable to simply leave him behind. The victim’s two buddies were told of my choice when I forced the guy contact them back and tell them about it. They then began hunting for a taxi.

“Can you imagine that no driver was willing to pick him up because they stated their cars would be soiled, from 9:45 am until almost 11 am?”

Afi continued speaking after almost an hour, claiming that by the time a cab driver ultimately chose to pick him up, it was already too late because the man had already passed away before getting to the Mamprobi Polyclinic.

I called my older sister and she even sent additional money after I volunteered to pay any amount, so I had enough money, but no one was interested.

After that, we hailed a taxi, but when we arrived at Mamprobi Polyclinic, the man had regrettably already gone away.

“I was traumatised; I cried as if I knew the man. The medical staff at the facility did an excellent job. They helped his friends make the required preparations. I found out the cops were there to assist in locating his family after I left the facility. Well, when it comes to helping someone, we all have the right to say yes or no. I’m not to fault for those drivers. But humanity must come first,” she continued.

Some social media users expressed their opinions about the incident in response to her post, which received over 2.9K reactions and comments.


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