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 A pregnant woman patches potholes on Obuasi Road [Images]


A pregnant woman who has been seeking for her’missing’ husband for several months has resorted to patching potholes on the Obuasi-Domeabra road in the Ashanti region for tokens in order to gather funds to establish a business.

Ama Sabath, who is expecting her second child, hails from Susuanso, which is on the outskirts of Ghana’s gold-rich town of Obuasi. She claims that life has been terrible for her and her child since her husband has been away looking for work for some time.


Ama, who begins work in the morning and finishes at 4 p.m., has captured the hearts of some motorists who send her money and other gifts.

She usually goes to the spot with her tools, which include a head pan, a shovel, and a pick axe.

She said that she looks for deep potholes in the road, fills her headpan with gravel and soil, and then fills the potholes.

While some homeowners and other road users applaud her, others believe it is a dangerous employment for a pregnant lady.

Mr Philip Ainoo-Ansah, a resident who has witnessed the lady patching potholes on the road on numerous times, suggested that the municipal officials assist Ama and also construct the road.

It is not advisable, in his opinion, for a lady in such a state to engage in the active work she does.

Kofi Antwi, a commercial driver, praised the woman for her efforts to remedy the problem. He, on the other hand, condemned the authorities for not continuing the development from Obuasi to Fomena Junction.

In an interview with Madam Faustina Amissah, the DCE of the Obuasi East District Assembly, she claimed the information about the woman patching potholes had come to her attention and she promised to invite Ama to her office to learn more about her problems.

According to the Obuasi East DCE, she has a complaint that this woman has been observed doing the same work on several routes far away from the Obuasi township.

In 2019, Myjoyonline ran a piece about Obuasi that highlighted issues and infrastructure constraints with the city’s roads.

Construction of the road from Obuasi to Fomena Junction was given a few months after the publication, but the work stopped at Kwabena Akwa, leaving dangerous gullies and potholes.


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