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52 criminals were found in Accra West for making unauthorised electrical connections


52 clients were caught by the Accra West Region of the Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd. (ECG) engaging in a variety of unlawful connections.

The company has also been successful in recovering 550,000kWh of unlawfully consumed electricity, totaling GH750,000.00.


According to Dr. Mark Owusu Ansah, the money Protection Manager for ECG’s Accra West Region, customers’ illegal behaviour resulted in them not paying for the electricity they used, depriving the company of much-needed money.

Meter bypass, metre tampering, and direct connections are a few examples of the prohibited activities that were found.
According to him, the company’s continued effort to collect all debts owing to it and to keep track of the condition of its metre installations resulted in the identification and arrest of the consumers within the first ten days.

According to Dr. Ansah, the users utilised around 550,000kWh of electricity unlawfully, which is equivalent to approximately GH750,000 (plus taxes and administrative fees).

He applauded the field team’s diligence in finding the violations and noted that the sophistication of the violations revealed certain customers’ determination to prevent the company from receiving payment for the electricity they use.

“We have tested a few smart metering technologies that offer us real-time information about what is happening at a customer’s site. When the metre-case is opened, bypassed, or otherwise tampered with, it alerts our office, he said.

More of these smart metres will soon be installed, according to Mr. Akinie, in an effort to combat unlawful activity.

There are eight active districts in the Accra West region. Ablekuma, Achimota, Amasaman, Bortianor, Dansoman, Kaneshie, Korlebu, and Nsawam are some of these names.


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