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5 Fulani herders are accused of gang raping a woman in Gomoa Ojobi


At Gomoa Ojobi in the Central Region on Sunday morning, five Fulani herdsmen are accused of gang-raping a woman who is thought to be in her early 40s.

According to information acquired by Kasapa News, Yaw Boagyan, the suspect assaulted the victim’s home, as well as the home of a Fulani woman and her husband, and attacked them. The suspect was armed with pistols, cutlasses, and other weapons.


They bound the husband with a rope, covered his mouth to stop him from screaming, and brought his wife into a nearby bush where they sexually assaulted her.

They failed to take into account the fact that the victim is also Fulani and had intercourse with her before threatening to murder her if she dared call for assistance.

Once they were satisfied, they tied her up with a rope and dumped her in the bushes till locals came upon her and brought her home.

The victim’s husband claims that following the raping and assault, the suspects also took 10 of his cows, but fortunately they were unable to transport them.

Before they could move, the owner shouted at the neighbours to come to his home and help him. The suspects then loaded the cows into a sprinter bus with the licence plate GG-2766-21.

The culprits fled, leaving the animals on the bus behind, as they spotted the armed citizens closing in on them.

The locals attacked the car and almost lit it on fire out of rage.

The victim is being treated at the hospital, and the crime has been reported to the Gomoa Ojobi Police for inquiry.


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