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2024 elections: No strong candidate for my vote – Wanluv the Kubolor


Wanlov the Kubolor, a revolutionary artiste, says he does not believe there is a strong candidate worth voting for in the impending 2024 general elections.

The rapper, who has indicated that he has not engaged in any of Ghana’s political processes, stated that he views voting as a purely recreational activity since candidates keep stating the same things without making genuine changes.


He feels they are all the same, mostly concerned in obtaining contracts rather than improving things.

On the AM Show, he stated that the country’s officials are not successfully addressing concerns, specifically the poor quality of roads caused by the usage of inferior materials.

He emphasized that the Tema Motorway, which is intended to be a major route, should never be repaired with poor tools and materials.

“The road is in bad condition and is still not fixed.

“The leaders are not thinking about the roads, they’re just thinking about contracts, because if they want a road that will last and serve Ghanaians, they will be thinking about concrete.”

He emphasized that the candidates who frequently run for government have the same goal, which is to exchange contracts for the maintenance of current concerns.

”The candidate and the people we usually have as options are the same kind of people who are like basically just going to exchange contracts on the same things going on.

“I don’t feel there’s a strong option to vote for anyone.”





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