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2024 election is about leadership you can trust and not political parties – Richard Ahiagbah


According to Richard Ahiagbah, Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the 2024 election would not be about the country’s many political parties.

He claims that the elections would be fought between the two leading political parties in Ghana, the NPP and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).


According to Richard Ahiagbah, Ghanaians would be able to pick who they may trust.

However, he feels that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia would win the election due to his competency, whereas John Dramani Mahama will not make the cut due to the bleakness of his government.

Read his tweet below;

The 2024 elections will not be about NPP/NDC. It will be about Ghana, and which of the two leading flagbearers–JM & Bawumia, you can trust with Ghana’s future.

JM has just 4 years which according to him cannot be used to develop a country. JM’s record as President &Vice President is dismal often claiming President Atta Mills’ achievements as his initiatives.

Bawumia is trusted and respected by Ghanaians especially, the grassroots, the private sector, and professionals for his manifest competence, humility, and team spirit. Bawumia has the experience of 8 years as Vice President, and an opportunity to leverage that experience to unleash the development potential of Ghana in the next 8 years as the President of this Republic.

Bawumia is by far a better choice for you.

Choose Bawumia for innovative leadership and development.




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